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Autocarto Engineering

The company Autocarto Engineering was created in the year 2006 thanks to Johan Nicolay. Mr. Nicolay has a specialization in thermal engine from the Viezu Academy in England. At its foundation, the company was located in his private garage, the evolution of the company allows it to grow rapidly. Currently Autocarto Engineering Belgium is based in the industrial zone of Achêne (Ciney) since 2012.

Autocarto now has its own building, but also a 4x4 auto and motorcycle dynamometer, an onboard dynamometer for trucks and many other tools dedicated to electronics and engines settings in general. The company regularly invests in the best of electronics and embedded devices in order to be in possession of the best tools found on the market. The company also has other sites in the world: In France (Nice, Metz), Luxembourg, Guiana, Martinique, La Réunion and in Dubai.

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