Cleaning the engine with hydrogen

Why is the engine clogged?

Engine fouling is mainly due to today's traffic conditions with frequent starts, speed limits, fuel quality, new emission requirements and standards, and low-speed driving to limit fuel consumption. These symptoms are characterized by blockage of EGR valves, clogging of APFs and fouling of valves and turbochargers. Before it was possible to clean engines on motorways but current traffic conditions no longer allow it.

The power of hydrogen at the service of your engineHydrogen to burn and remove'scale'.

After years of development, choose the most advanced and economical technology of the moment and opt for internal cleaning of your engine, with our "Carbon Cleaning" hydrogen descaling station. This will allow your engine to return to its original operation and performance.

Our prices

From 50€ HTVA for 1 hour of cleaning.

No need to make an appointment. But it's better to contact us before coming.

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